September 19, 2022

Joining Y Combinator S22

👋� We’re Angela, Elise and Quan, the co-founders of Stellar! We were early hires at multiple unicorns and saw OKRs both fail and succeed. The orgs that get it right are those that act quickly and adapt to new information consistently over time.

Stellar is a goal tracking platform focused on agile communication so teams have a fighting chance of hitting their OKRs.

The problem with OKRs

Setting business goals is easy, but iterative execution is hard.

Too many companies set OKRs, forget them in an isolated document and then realize they haven’t made sufficient progress. When OKRs aren’t reassessed openly on a recurring basis, you miss the opportunity to motivate your team, collaborate and unblock progress together.

The designated responsible person (usually a founder or Chief of Staff) spends hours a week running this process, when they could be working on strategic work.

Achieve your goals with confidence

If you’re ready to embed OKRs and agile collaboration in your organization, Stellar will help you:

  1. Stay focused and organized by linking your goals in an OKR tree
  2. Raise and remove blockers quickly through effective, asynchronous check-ins
  3. Save time with scheduled notifications and automatic reminders about missing updates

About us:

👐 Quan is our hands, building exceptional products: founding software engineer at Pave (YC S20), tech lead at Affirm, and engineering degree from Princeton.

👁️ Angela is our eyes, looking toward the future: early product manager at Affirm and Earnin.

👂 Elise is our ears, listening and designing for users: product design leader at LinkedIn.