September 19, 2022

On high performing teams

At Stellar, we believe that every team has the potential for greatness. We’re drawing from decades of experience working on high performing teams at companies like Affirm, Pave, Linkedin and Earnin.

Team greatness  

Team greatness is achieved when a group of people with complementary skill sets, whether in a different role or in nuances of the same role (e.g., Account Executive vs. Product Manager, or Junior Engineer vs. Senior Engineer), work in lock step towards an ambitious, shared goal. Complementary skills give them the ability to use their diverse opinions and perspectives to identify a winning strategy for their area.

Companies who can unlock the potential of these teams find themselves receiving outsized value. 

How to foster great teams

INPUT (give them this):   
  1. An ambitious shared goal (inspiration)
  2. A space to creatively brainstorm (problem solving) 
  3. Accountability to drive (high expectations) 
OUTPUT (they’ll do this):
  • Create roadmap of “things to do” that are stack ranked by impact and priority 
  • Become group of people passionate and excited to work on the things 

In their excitement, they’ll go above and beyond to:

  • Drive buy-in
  • Unblock the initiative
  • Meet timelines 
  • Learn from their correct and incorrect hypotheses, strengthen the roadmap for next time 
OUTCOME (your company will get this): 
  • Unprecedented growth 
  • Innovation 
  • Engaged workforce 

Stellar was built for this

Stellar uses a modernized version of OKRs to provide the best of the OKR framework, without the rigidity and likeliness to fail. We expose the company’s topline objectives and create a space for teams to go to for constant evaluation and inspiration. 

Unlike your home grown OKR solution, or alternatives in the space, we house the roadmap in our tool. With it, the unique hypotheses that teams have are visible for your leadership team and more importantly, we create a time-based reflection place for teams to state learnings after a period of execution and drive those learnings forward into the next period. 

We are the first software product to create a cyclical planning process that inspires and enables greatness at any level.