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Goals made easy,
AI powered.

Make strategic goals, priorities, and progress part of  everyday work to unlock your full business potential.

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Intelligent, assisted goal cascading

Tell us your top-line goals and we'll use AI to propose and write cascading goals for every department, enabling your organization to focus and deliver.

Automated tracking + smart prompts

Gain confidence in the actual progress of critical work.

Recurring check-ins bring visibility to small problems before they turn into key misses. Intelligent prompts help the team problem-solve and escalate risks.

Data-driven health summaries

Stellar AI synthesizes data within the platform to provide insightful digests and summaries of goal performance.

What our customers are saying
about Stellar

“Our prior OKR process in spreadsheets required a ton of manual time from me to work well. The adoption wasn't great unless I stepped in to herd folks for inputs, which sometimes caused resentment with the OKR system itself. With Stellar, the data gets populated in real-time and the team finds it easy to go in and update their goals weekly. This means I can spend time actually focusing on studying the updates and triaging places that need help."

Kilian Marsh

Chief of Staff at Pave

“I chose to work with Stellar to enhance visibility and shared understanding across the team about our topline goals, and how we're tracking against them. Before, there was no centralized place to connect objectives across all levels -- we just had a bunch of dashboards and Notion links, resulting in more friction, less shared accountability, and less transparency. The platform's simplicity and ease of use helped the team adopt a new tool, and to supercharge their collaboration. We’re excited to continue using Stellar as we’ve already seen progress towards becoming a more metrics-driven and cohesive organization.

Niki Sri-Kumar

Chief Product Officer at Addi

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Angela Dao
CEO @ Stellar